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TourTodayBD – Ultimate Tour & Travel Directory of Bangladesh

Transforming the vision of TourTodayBD into a reality, we crafted a vibrant platform that serves as the ultimate hub for Bangladesh’s rich tapestry of tourist attractions.

TourTodayBD, born from a visionary concept, aimed to be the go-to platform for all things related to travel in Bangladesh. Our collaboration began with creating a distinctive brand identity that would resonate with adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts. 

Key Features:

  1. Admins, editors, and visitors can add tourist spots details and their tour exprince with images and video. 
  2. Application will be multilingual (Bangla and English).
  3. Dynamic filter system based on location and travel style.
  4. Access to information from mobile app without internet.
  5. User-friendly review system.
  6. The logo and brand colors encapsulate the spirit of adventure, reinforcing TourTodayBD’s identity.

Problem & Solution Statement

TourTodayBD faced the challenge of establishing a universal platform allowing seamless contributions from admins, editors, and visitors. The goal was to create an inclusive space where diverse tourist spots could be detailed, filtered, and explored effortlessly from website and mobile app with or without internet connection. Application will be multilanguage and user friendly for all types of tourist.

Our agency initiated the project by designing a versatile logo and defining brand colors that reflected the vibrancy of Bangladesh. With a user-centric approach, we developed a robust platform allowing easy addition of tourist spot details, experiences, images, and videos by users of various roles.

Development Process and Results

The journey involved close collaboration with TourTodayBD’s team. From concept to execution, we meticulously crafted a multilingual platform supporting both Bangla and English. The process included defining user roles, implementing a filter system based on location and travel style, and ensuring offline accessibility via a mobile app.

The revamped TourTodayBD platform witnessed a surge in engagement. Users can now seamlessly explore tourist spots, contribute reviews without creating accounts, and even access information offline. The multilingual feature enhances accessibility, catering to a diverse audience.

Challenges & Solutions

Addressing the challenge of diverse contributions, we implemented a user-friendly interface allowing admins, editors, and visitors to effortlessly add and explore tourist spots. The multilingual feature was a key solution, making the platform accessible to a broader audience.


We leveraged cutting-edge technologies to ensure a seamless user experience. The platform’s architecture supports easy content addition, robust filtering, and offline functionality. Our approach prioritized user-friendly interfaces and efficient backend management.

TourTodayBD expresses gratitude for the transformative collaboration. The platform now stands as a testament to our shared vision, offering a seamless experience for travel enthusiasts and promoting the beauty of Bangladesh


Project Summary
Client : TourTodayBD
Duration :6 Month
Team Size :5 Person